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Website Development

Website designing is the first step to start where a designer put his all kind of imagination and creation according to customer's requirements and needs. Designing needs a perfect combination of color, picture and space by that any user can understand what this website is for? We can design both type of websites like Static Website and Dynamic Website
Static Website: in these kind of websites a user or customer can't change the content by his own these kind of websites are completely on HTML based where only a developer can change or add the contents which is sometime become difficult for a website owner but on the same time HTML websites are SEO friendly

Dynamic Websites: These kinds of websites are based on CMS (content management system) where a user or client can change, edit or update his content at anytime wherever he is. In this one admin panel is provided to client or customer so that user can add or edit the pages or images by his own.

What is Web Content Management? Web Content Management is the creation, capture, delivery, customization, and management of all web content (HTML, images, PDF brochures, etc.) across an enterprise/division. A Web Content Management strategy is a repeatable method for
• Identifying content requirements
• Creating consistently structured content for reuse
• Managing content in a definitive source
• Ensuring content complies with corporate and government standards and guidelines
• Assembling content on demand to meet your customers' needs

The need for a Web Content Management System (Web CMS) Today's businesses are overwhelmed with the need to create more content, more quickly, customized for more customers and for more media than ever before. They need to control their enterprise content