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To provide a vibrant environment, compatible to a comprehensive and innovative learning for our students, to help them achieve a harmonious development. To achieve higher quality in the academic standards and to promote excellence in every activity we undertake To provide an accessible and a cost effective quality education for ever one. To help students develop latest professional skills and intellectual abilities infused with ethical and moral principles and a global perspective To promote a dynamic intellectual environment, that nurtures cultural, social and ethnic diversity, allows for a free expression, develops personal integrity and to promote mutual respect for everyone in the society. To meet the serious challenges coming from anthropogenic nature of global warming. To promote and undertake initiatives which encourage a healthy living environment for everyone.


To become a National Centre of excellence in the diversified fields of education by imparting state of the technical education, training and innovative research relevant to present and future requirements. To strive to develop an innovative centre of learning, designed to develop a blend of solutions after proper research into academic learning and put it in to practice, through a creative use of latest e-learning pedagogies and use of appropriate technologies To become a National Industrial Training Institute, having global vision and a human perspective. To uphold a framework of basic cultural, social and behavioral principles & values, that nurture human communities and to further help achieve a sustainable development in the fields of economics, science & technology, social sciences and humanities.