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java is an object-oriented programming language that solves many of the complexities like pointers, memory allocation, multiple inheritance, etc. of the erstwhile languages. It(Java) is a portable language, and programs compiled in it run without recompilation on Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, UNIX and other platforms. Being a mature language it can be used to write the entire standalone or server applications. Because of its reliability, maintainability and ease of development, the language has emerged as a dominant platform for modern software development.

J2EE is a Java platform designed for the mainframe-scale computing typical of large enterprises. J2EE was designed by Sun Microsystems (along with other industry partners such as IBM) to simplify application developments in a thin client tiered environment. It simplifies application development and decreases the need for programming and programmer training by creating standardized, reusable modular components. It also enables the tier to handle many aspects of programming automatically. Apart from providing an in depth coverage of the Java language, the training also provides learning's on the technique of object oriented programming as well.

Our training is designed to provide extensive exposure in the Java language and its advanced features. The training module not only provides a platform for trainees to learn from hundreds of live-code examples, but also takes care of elaborate explanations by the instructor to clarify minutest of concept. Participants are given opportunities to develop stand-alone applications, starting at problem definition and requirements analysis and followed by system design.